DepotLux features at a glance

  • Individual and joint custody accounts
  • Custody accounts for children on particularly favourable terms
  • Possibility to designate a representative/agent
  • You can either invest a lump-sum /or make regular savings
  • Daily availability of the accumulated assets
  • Intelligible custody and account statements
  • Preparation of clear and concise investment income reports
  • No withholding of capital gains tax. No exemption order for capital gains is necessary.
  • All payments are handled through the German paying agent
  • Your assets lie in trust with a German bank

DepotLux gives you all the necessary information and tools to achieve your financial objectives safely and reliably. Should your objectives change over time, you are free to adapt your portfolio to your changed circumstances.

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Your personal Docu-box

Your personal Docu-box contains the following information and documents

General information on the custody account

  • Current portfolio value
  • Size of the intended investment
  • Investment amounts previously paid
  • Total set-up fee and the set-up fee paid so far

Documents related to the custody account:

  • Investment account confirmation
  • Investment account statements
  • Investment income reports

Documents related to asset management reporting

  • Half yearly statement from the asset manager (as of 30.6 / 31.12)
  • Loss threshold notifications in case of stronger market fluctuations

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Custody service

DepotLux - the made-to-measure custody service from Baumann & Partners

With DepotLux, Baumann & Partners offers its clients a dedicated depot service as part of fund-based asset management. DepotLux can be used to store your assets in a particularly cost-effective manner and offers a full range of services of a modern and transparent custody account.

The main features of DepotLux at a glance.

DepotLux offers further individual benefits

DepotLux is ideal for investors who pursue a longer-term wealth-building strategy. This is why it was conceived as a custody account for life, which can be flexibly adapted to your needs and goals at any time. The advantages of a fund-based asset management are optimally combined with the flexibility of a highly efficient investment account.

  • Individual investment strategies for each investment objective
  • Process management - free of charge and optional
  • Free reinvestment option
  • Loyalty bonus/ discount
  • State funding - state-supported savings schemes
  • DepotLux for children

Find out more about the individual advantages of DepotLux.

Overview and transparency associated with a personal mailbox

Any information related to the performance of your assets will be made available to you free of charge, in your personal electronic mailbox, the so-called Doku-Box. Alternatively, you can also receive all your custody account statements and reports by post.

Get a detailed overview of the content of your personal Doku-Box.

Fund-based asset management

Depending on your investment objectives, we offer the opportunity to invest in an investment strategy which has been specifically tailored to your individual requirements. This investment concept is ideal for investors who prefer life-long investment concepts, which do not require the investor to have previous investment experience. This is because you will benefit from the long-standing expertise of our expert teams over the entire investment horizon.

Why does fund-based asset management make sense?

You should take advantage of our expertise in order to ensure that your assets always generate the highest possible returns. Baumann & Partners will adapt your portfolio to changes in the capital markets automatically and on an ongoing basis. As the following chart demonstrates, the performance of the different asset classes and markets can differ over time.


As an investor in a fund managed by Baumann & Partners, you can benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our expert teams. We use structured and proven selection processes to make the best possible investment decisions on your behalf.

For example, we routinely analyse over 10,000 investment funds from more than 60 different asset classes. In the composition of your portfolio, we pay particular attention to achieving a reasonable balance between risk and return and thus diversifying your assets as much as possible. Our main aim is to deliver the highest possible returns at any given time through informed investment decisions.

To manage your assets as effectively as possible, we have set up a custody service tailored to your individual needs. This offers you numerous other advantages.

Further information is available in the portfolio area.

Privacy policy

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Right to obtain information and public directory of procedures

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Directory of procedures

Pursuant to the Luxembourg Data Protection Act (Article 26 and 28), the data controller is required to make the following information available in a suitable manner to everyone:

1. The identity of the data controller
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2. Purpose of data processing:
Data shall only be processed in accordance with Article 4 et seq of the Luxembourg Data Protection Act, in particular, where the processing is necessary to (a) comply with legal obligations that the data controller is subject, and to (b) perform a contract to which the data subject is a party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.

3. The recipients or categories of recipient to whom the data might be disclosed: public authorities, in compliance with statutory requirements applicable by priority, third parties on behalf of customers or to process/fulfil the purposes referred to under point 2.

4. Statutory retention periods for data: retention requirements and periods are complied with, and the data will be deleted after the end of the retention period. Data that do not fall under the above provisions will be deleted when the purposes set under point 2 no longer apply

Privacy concerns

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